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The tool to find placements for the Google Display Network

Finding the right placements for the Google Display Network and then add them to your Google Ads Display campaigns is difficult? Not with our Placementsfinder tool!

This is how it works: Enter up to 200 keywords, select the Google Domain and receive an email with relevant placement possibilities for the entered keywords.

Placement search has never been so easy!

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Insert keywords - Get the placements via email - Add the managed placements to your ads campaigns

Why use placements at all?

Google's Display Network has an enormous reach. So if you want to avoid wastage, use managed placements to control where your ads appear.

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Although it is possible to find placements with Googles own tools like its Display Planner, is easier to use and provides both more detailed and relevant results.

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Which are the advantages? is super easy to use: Just type in keywords, send your request and get an email with placements that match your keywords.

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Find placements now! has been used by more than 2,000 marketeers.
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It is this easy:
Type in a list of your most relevant keywords (one keyword per line).
Choose the Google domain on which your placements are searched for (.com or .de) and use a valid email address.
Now wait a little... and you will get your placements via email.

Video - Intro to

A short video to show you how to use the tool:

FAQ - What you should know before getting started.

Some answers to frequent questions:

Why should I use instead of Google's free Display Planner?

When searching for new placements, you solely rely on the limited functions of Google Display Planner?
It's time to try!
There are various advantages, when comparing to Google's Display Planner:

  • Additional placements which are not provided by Google's Display Planner
  • Exact URLs (specific pages) instead of over-simplified domains
  • More relevant traffic to your site due to more relevant keywords

How do I use

To start the tool you need a list of keywords and an email address to which we are able to send the results of the placements search. After getting the email you are ready to upload the placements URLs in your Google Ads campaigns.

What about data privacy?

Your email and your keywords are safe. We will use your email only to send you your results and some messages about No spam!

What others say about

Thomas Langel

Thomas Langel

SEA expert at

" simplifies the entry into the Google Display Network. Even professionals can quickly and easily discover new placements to use as managed placements."

Marius Fröchling

Marius Fröchling

SEO Consultant

"With Arne Rosemeyer once again proves his intuition for practicable OM solutions. Pro tip: The tool can be wonderfully "misused" for SEO outreach!"


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